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I was the one who made the first tribute.

How could you say this about my friend? What did he ever do to you other then spam the portal of a mealiness site on the internet.

GroggyLobster responds:

go suck my ass, you stupid pile of shit.

A true art house peice it will touch you deep down

At first I thought this was just another spam flash unfunny and only a recording of a popular video game, but the more I looked into it I realized this is art in its purist form. The artist is not only using symbolism to make us reflect on our own lives he is also showing the critics that a video game can be art and even flash can be art. This amazing flash shows the duality of life and death and how each of us is one and the same. We will all experience life and all its ups and downs and we will all experience the end of that life whatever that may be Heaven or just non-existing. Making us the same.

The saw in this case represents some what of a Grim Reaper character passing judgment on everyone for what mistakes that may have made in there past lives. The saw is fusing everyone one of us together by destroying the personalty's we once had and all the troubles and pain and making us into a blank slate. For in this artists mind we will all join together in the after life together as one. All the previous Races, Interests, and Beliefs we once had that separated us will be washed away so we can all truly exist together.

KovioXZ responds:

the only person to appreciate my art


Annoying distorted Star Wars music is great.

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This game is great.

Everyone trying to find ways around the no replay button is pretty much ruining the point of the game. It was a bold decision on the creators part to only allow one play through, and i'm going to respect that and live with the choices I made in the game...


its a great game i like the part when i shooting only big heads and that i would of liked it if the player hand wasnt real but good game

Wtf was that?

The controls were horrible and the ground did not want to corporate with me.

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Steve Hightower


that was freaking funny

dude that rocked i wonder if he ever gets his coke

GodSpeedIam responds:

Nope! In fact his coke is held hostage.

In early 2000, an advertising campaign starred Cap'n Crunch where he was missing making him unable to appear on a TV show, a commercial, a dinner apppointment, getting the morning paper, and a trip to the moon. A transmission received on a News Report had

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